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26. 1tr6: German Pecularities for 1TR6

26.1 1tr6_eaz: Which EAZ should I use for i4l?

You can use all available EAZ. However, two EAZ have a special meaning and can cause problems:

EAZ 0: global call (all telephones ring)
EAZ 9: global call (no telephone rings)
Gernot Zander wrote about this on 6. Jan 1997:
I would not use 0, for my taste it is too likely that i4l will steal all voice connections.

26.2 1tr6_extension: I use 1TR6 on an extension - the extension number has more than one digit (e.g. 206). What is my EAZ?

Jens Ey wrote on 10 Jan 1997:

The EAZ for extensions is usuAlly the last digit of the extension number. As EAZ for the Linux computer you should then enter a '6'.

26.3 1tr6_spv: What is a SPV?

SPV stands for "semipermanente Verbindung" (semipermanent connection) and is a (soon to be obsolete) speciality of the German Telekom. Like a leased line, the calling partner is fixed, however the connection is only established as needed (which occurs very quickly, much quicker that a dial connection). Since the Telekom can use the line for other things when it's not needed, the SPV is cheaper than a leased line.

This SPV is not to be confused with the Austrian understanding of SPV. The Austrian `SPV' has one channel leased line, and one channel for dialing.

26.4 1tr6_spvdial: Does isdn4linux support SPVs? How?

To switch on the support for SPVs, add an "S" before the number to be dialed. This works (quite well) for modem emulations as well as for defined network interfaces.

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