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25. Supported Countries

25.1 country_which: In which countries does isdn4linux work?

We are aware of at least the following countries:

If your country is not on this list does not mean it is not supported. It just means we have not seen a confirmation about its usage there. Check the mailing list for other users from your country.

25.2 country_certified: Is isdn4linux approved for use by the telecommunications authorities?

That depends on the driver used, and your country. We only have information about Germany (send me information if you have information about other countries). However, that covers most other European countries as well, since a certification in one EC country has to be accepted in all others. These drivers are certified for use in Germany:

Actually, since April 2000 the rules for certification have changed. Now the producer of an ISDN card has to do only hardware tests, the driver is not part of the certification anymore. This applies to the whole European Community.

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