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27. Other countries

27.1 country_austria: Austria: We have neither an MSN nor an EAZ, only a normal plain telephone number. What do we have to use for i4l?

In Austria ISDN lines are by standard installed without MSN (which is different from Germany). That means when somebody calls the installed ISDN number the called party gets signalled a "global call". i4l then says "incoming call without CPN" - "CPN" means called party number. Solution: Set the incoming "MSN" (in reality: none) to "0", then i4l responds to the global call. Otherwise it waits for the signalling of the number you told i4l, and that won't happen (happens only for *additional* MSN). The same applies to the setup of your getty.

On the other hand you should set the outgoing MSN correctly (without area code) -- however, a wrong MSN will be replaced with the correct one by your telecommunications provider.

27.2 country_brazil: Brazil: How does our MSN look like?

For use with Telemar you have to configure your MSN as your phone number without the leading area code.

Brazil is using EuroISDN. The ISDN service DVI which was launched by Telemar is based on a hardware solution from Teles (BRI PCI card), which has to be configured as NETjet card. However, since this card is very incompatible to the motherboards sold in Brazil, Telemar also offers the option of a Teles 16.3c ISA. You may be able to find some configuration help on for this card.

27.3 country_france: France: How does our MSN look like?

If you don't have MSN, you need to specify as local number only the last 4 digits of you phone number. A good thing is that you can also use sub-addressing. If your phone number is 01 41 33 67 87, and you want to use sub-address 02, then configure the local phone number of the HiSax driver as 6787.02 .

27.4 country_italy: Italy: What does our MSN look like?

isdn4linux also works in Italy (ICN card). The MSN must be the phone number with the Italian area code, and since middle of 2001 includes the leading 0. For example, if my phone number is 72004681 and my area code is 045, my MSN is 04572004681. Now with the setting AT&E04572004681 isdn4linux works fine.

27.5 country_netherlands: Netherlands: What does our MSN look like?

In The Netherlands the MSN includes (as opposed to the German Telekom) also the area code - but without the leading zero.

27.6 country_northamerica: North America: Can we use isdn4linux in North America?

Yes, you can use isdn4linux in North America. However, some specialties apply.

In North America the telephone company will only provide a U instead of an S interface. This means that the customer rather than the telephone company has to supply the network terminator (NT-1). Your easiest solution is a card which has an integrated NT-1 and supports the U interface. Alternatively buy an external NT which translates between U and S interface, and connect your ISDN card with S interface (without NT-1) to it.

In North America the channel protocol NI-1 is being used. NI-1 is related to DSS1 (both are Q.931 Protocols), but both have totally different groups of functions. Support for NI-1 has recently been added to HiSax, the driver for passive cards, with great help from Traverse Technologies: Since they helped to implement and verify NI-1 usability, we would recommend you buy their card NETspider-U (with integrated NT-1), as a thank-you for their contribution to isdn4linux open source development.

See Documentation/isdn/README.HiSax for details on how to set up your system with HiSax (protocol type is 4, give SPID together with your own number in the form of <OWNNUMBER>:<SPID>).

Quite some time ago, the firm "Spellcaster" has written their own isdn4linux driver for their (active) cards. Both BRI and PRI cards are available. More information is available on:

Also, the active Eicon DIVA cards work fine in North America and have 5ESS and NI drivers, which are currently ported to UltraSparc.

27.7 country_pakistan: Pakistan: What should we use as MSN?

It seems that no MSN functionality is supported. Therefore the MSN should be set to "0".

27.8 country_portugal: Portugal: What should we use as MSN?

As long as only one telephone number or MSN was applied for, the telephone company sends no caller ID. Therefore the MSN should be set to "0". If more than one MSNs was applied for, then these should be set as usual.

27.9 country_switzerland: Switzerland: We have neither an MSN nor an EAZ, just a plain telephone number. What do we have to use for i4l?

In Switzerland usually you have to use the telephone number without area code. For old ISDN numbers where you have been assigned ten numbers in a row this may be different; in that case use the last digit of your telephone number as your MSN/EAZ ("6" if you have the telephone number "123456").

27.10 country_uk: UK: What should we use as MSN?

It depends on your ISDN option.

Please note that BT offers an unexpected special "feature" on international calls. For international data calls you have to dial 000<country_code> (three zeros), rather than the 00<country_code> (two zeros) for international voice calls.

By the way: for a BT Speedway card try to select AVM Fritz card (either ISA or PCI - depends on what you got; see question hardware_fritz).

Since about November 2001, all BT home highway and possibly Business Highway NTE boxes come with a built in USB terminal adapter. This terminal adapter is based on the ST-5481 chipset. Load the module st5481 for this device, then set up your isdn configuration with isdnctrl.

Also, check out

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