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Description of the struct isdn_if

typedef struct {
  int channels;
  int maxbufsize;
  unsigned long features;
  unsigned short hl_hdrlen;
  void (*rcvcallb)(int, int, u_char*, int);
  void (*rcvcallb_skb)(int, int, struct sk_buff *);
  int (*statcallb)(isdn_ctrl*);
  int (*command)(isdn_ctrl*);
  int (*writebuf)(int, int, u_char*, int, int);
  int (*writebuf_skb)(int, int, struct sk_buff *);
  int (*writecmd)(u_char*, int, int, int, int);
  int (*readstat)(u_char*, int, int, int, int);
  char id[20];
} isdn_if;
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