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Interface for new ISAC/HSCX based cards

u_char ReadISAC(struct IsdnCardState *cs, u_char offset)

	Returns the value of a ISAC Register

void WriteISAC(struct IsdnCardState *cs, u_char offset, u_char value)

	Write to a ISAC Register

void ReadISACfifo(struct IsdnCardState *cs, u_char * data, int size)

	Read size bytes from the ISAC fifo

void WriteISACfifo(struct IsdnCardState *cs, u_char * data, int size)

	Write size bytes to the ISAC fifo

u_char ReadHSCX(struct IsdnCardState *cs, int hscx, u_char offset)

	Returns the value of a HSCX Register

void WriteHSCX(struct IsdnCardState *cs, int hscx, u_char offset, u_char value)

	Write to a HSCX Register

For fast interupt handling, here are some quick inline functions in
"hscx_irq.c". These functions need the following macros for card specific

#define READHSCXFIFO(cs, nr, ptr, cnt)
#define WRITEHSCXFIFO(cs, nr, ptr, cnt)

card_interrupt(int intno, void *dev_id, struct pt_regs *regs)

this function is the main IRQ routine. It should contain tests and calls
for the different IRQ sources (ISAC/HSCX and card specific sources)

int card_msg(struct IsdnCardState *cs, int mt, void *arg)

	This function controls various hardware related functions of the
        specific card. It have to return 0, if no fatal error occours. 

	the following values for mt are defined (* optional) :

	CARD_RESET		- * reset the card
	CARD_RELEASE		- release all card resources
	CARD_SETIRQ             - set the irq function
	CARD_INIT               - init components (eg. ISAC, HSCX) and
				  should request at least one IRQ
	CARD_TEST		- * make some HW checks

	These values are for LED status monitoring on some cards:

	(MDL_REMOVE | REQUEST)	- * action if a TEI is removed
	(MDL_ASSIGN | REQUEST)	- * action if a TEI is assigned
	MDL_INFO_SETUP		- * action if a incoming call is pending
	MDL_INFO_CONN		- * action if a connection is activ
	MDL_INFO_REL		- * action if a connection is released

	CARD_AUX_IND 		- * This are for future extentions
					(like a onboard modem)

	if options are not implemented, it should return 0

setup_card(struct IsdnCard *card)

	This function is called first and has to allocate resources
	(IO addresses, memory) for the card and should set these
	basic functions of the IsdnCardState structure.

	cs->BC_Read_Reg = &ReadHSCX;
	cs->BC_Write_Reg = &WriteHSCX;
	cs->BC_Send_Data = &hscx_fill_fifo;
	cs->cardmsg = &card_msg;
	cs->readisac = &ReadISAC;
	cs->writeisac = &WriteISAC;
	cs->readisacfifo = &ReadISACfifo;
	cs->writeisacfifo = &WriteISACfifo;

	if anything goes wrong, the function has to return 0.