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4. docu: Documentation, Howto's, Tips & Tricks, Mailing List/Newsgroup

4.1 docu_first: What documents should I read first?

Many of the utilities also have man pages!

To get a good technical overview over isdn4linux have a look at the great whitepaper 'ISDN4Linux, CAPI4Linux, CPI4Hisax and other cute acronyms: The ISDN subsystem in the Linux kernel', which can be found at:

For a Suse distribution the following information might be helpful:

Also, read the excellent manual!

For a Debian distribution the following information might be helpful: /usr/share/doc/isdnutils/HOWTO.gz

If you are reader of the German computer magazine ct, they had very helpful articles at least on these issues:

Also have a look at question config_links for helpful links on how to configure i4l (e.g. special help for SuSE, Red Hat, or Mandrake users).

4.2 docu_website: Where is the official website for isdn4linux?

The offical website can be found at:

4.3 docu_abc: Where do I find documentation on the abc extensions?

You can find it on:

4.4 docu_newsgroup: Where is the newsgroup for isdn4linux?

The newsgroup was de.alt.comm.isdn4linux, however had been closed down some time ago due to spam issues. To get in contact with the developers your best choice is to use the mailing list docu_mailinglist. Alternatively, you find some interesting stuff in de.comp.os.unix.linux.isdn.

4.5 docu_mailinglist: Where is the mailing list for isdn4linux?

The address of the mailing list is Before posting a message there please make sure it is not answered in this FAQ, and that the question has not been answered numerous times in the past (search with keywords like ISDN, Linux, i4l, isdn4linux,...). People on the mailing list get really annoyed when the question "can I fax with my card xxx" is asked yet another time (see question feature_fax for the answer). To reduce spam, as of 25. Aug. 2003 the mailing list has been changed to permit posts from subscribed members only. To write, you must be subscribed first.

When writing on the mailing list, please always provide:

Most isdn4linux developers are present on the mailing list, and many other knowledgeable people. English postings are very welcome, and will be answered in English!

The mailing list contains the same messages as the newsgroup (see question docu_newsgroup), so you can read any responses to your question with your news reader. A bidirectional gateway ensures that mailing list and news are in sync.

To subscribe to the mailing list, go to the web frontend at and submit the filled form. After that, you will not be subscribed yet. Instead, you will receive a confirmation at the mail address you entered in the above form. This is a security precaution to prevent subscription by other persons or subscription of mistyped mail addresses. When you receive the confirmation, just follow the instructions in that mail. (I.e.: simply reply). After having replied, you will be subscribed and receive a welcome mail. The welcome mail will contain your password, so you should probably keep it just in case you want to unsubscribe or change some options at the web frontend. To unsubscribe, go to the web frontend again, use your password to login and then unsubscribe. Please note: there are about 20-50 messages per day on this mailing list. To receive only one message per day, containing all postings, have a look at question docu_maillistdigest.

4.6 docu_maillistdigest: How can I get a digest of the mailing list for isdn4linux (only one message per day)?

While filling the form as described in question docu_mailinglist, simply click "Yes" at the radio-button, named "Would you like to receive list mail batched in a daily digest". You can change this option later when logging in the web frontend.

4.7 docu_mailarchive: Is there an archive of the isdn4linux mailing list?

To quickly search for keywords, you can use Make sure to also select older archive to do a complete search.

Messages are also saved (unsorted) at, collected by month. To access the archive, you can use

Other archives are:

4.8 docu_bugtracker: Is there a bug tracker available for isdn4linux?

Yes, there is a bugtracker available under the following url: You have to register yourself before you can search for known bugs and enter new issues.

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