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20. leased: Leased lines

20.1 leased_flatrate: What's the difference between a leased line and a flat rate?

A leased line requires a special setup of your S0 interface. After that, you can not reach any other destination than the one the leased line is set up for. It's also rather expensive.

A flat rate is still a normal dialup, therefore the setup should be done like any dialup connection. The only difference from a normal dialup is the pricing. See section dialout. Also please note that the connection on a flat rate will usually be stopped by your internet provider if you stay on for too long - so you can not rely on being online all the time, if this is what you desire.

20.2 leased_nosignal: How does establishing and ending a connection work with D64S without signaling?

The data is simply sent out! Other than a ping, there is no way to find out whether the D64S or 2MB line is up or not. Only S01 or S02 lines have a D channel and have something to use with signaling, however the best known solutions also use this 16kb for data transfers to get 144kb instead of 128kb (i4l can only to 128kb).

20.3 leased_hisaxconfig: With i4l, how do I configure my card on a D64 leased line?

A later version of the new HiSax driver supports D64. Configuration is normal with the following specialities. HiSax has to be run in leased mode:

/sbin/hisaxctrl HiSax 5 <channel>

in case HiSax was loaded with "id=HiSax", where <channel> can be 0 or 1. Additionally to the normal configuration, the following commands are important:
/sbin/isdnctrl bind HiSax,<channel>/sbin/isdnctrl eaz isdn0 1
/sbin/isdnctrl addphone isdn0 out 2
/sbin/isdnctrl addphone isdn0 in  3

if "isdn0" was used as interface name. The interface has to be set to "up" and a route associated with it. See the Readme's in the HiSax package.

20.4 leased_x75: How do I configure X.75 on a D64 leased line?

Use a later HiSax version. First initialize the ttyI* device you want to use with "AT&E0" (set usage of first B-channel) and "ATS0=1" (autoanswer on first ring). Then set HiSax in leased mode:

/sbin/hisaxctrl HiSax 5 <channel>

This will simulate a call for MSN1 on the configured channel (0 or 1) (incoming number = LEASED0).

20.5 leased_splitline: With i4l, can I use one channel as a leased line and the other as a dialup line?

Yes and no. You can configure HiSax for both at the same time, however you can only use one of them at any point in time (you have to switch off the leased line before dialing out). It may work occasionally simultaneously, however the driver has not been written for it so the results are not deterministic. Also make sure that you use the correct channel.

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