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14. rawip: Raw IP

14.1 rawip_whatis: What is Raw IP, when should I use it?

Raw IP does without the use of a protocol such as X.75 or HDLC (for modem emulation, etc.) or PPP. TCP/IP packets are directly exchanged. Raw IP has both advantages and disadvantages. Advantages:

Disadvantages: From this summary it should be clear under what conditions it makes sense to use raw IP.

14.2 rawip_capi: How can I use Raw IP with the new CAPI 2.0 interface (mISDN)?

Raw IP can still be used with the new CAPI interface and drivers by using ItunD, the ISDN tunnel Daemon. ItunD (ISDN tunnel Daemon) provides a network tunnel over ISDN lines using the CAPI interface. The ISDN4Linux isdn-net (raw IP) devices are supported.

You can find ItunD at:

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